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To support brain health, Molecular BioLife International developed Declarative Memory, a unique compound of specific collagens, biologically developed eggshell calcium, egg membrane, structural proteins, chelated minerals, glycosaminoglycans, choline, betaine, lysozyme, ovatransferrin, sialic acid, uronic acid, and the calcium-binding protein calmodulin, combined for maximum synergistic effect.

In a clinical trial 1  Declarative Memory produced a positive response among participants who experienced normal age-related memory loss. With a combination of highly bioavailable natural ingredients including calmodulin, Declarative Memory, along with balanced diet and continued stimulation of the brain, can provide a proactive approach to maintaining one’s cognitive abilities.*

Competing products focus on improving blood circulation in the brain, increasing metabolism, and enhancing neurotransmitters through the use of herbal components that provide a modest stimulant effect through the defensive approach of inhibiting breakdown of beneficial enzymes. While this approach demonstrates some improved mental acuity, it introduces potentially harmful components
not naturally found in the body.

By comparison, Declarative Memory promotes efficient biological
functions through maintenance of an alkaline pH condition.Specifically, in the brain, increased calcium in cells binds with calmodulin. Research has shown this unique bond to be a key protein for improving synaptic functioning due to increased AMPA receptors.

Furthermore,this bound calcium/calmodulin maintains calcium at beneficial levels which improve brain health rather than causing harm.*

Declarative Memory offers a safer approach to promoting cognitive
health, but it may also have long term positive benefits in other areas as well.
1 “Declared Memory” 180-day Clinical Trial executed by Mortec Scientic Group

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Declarative Memory Contains patented ingredients Numbers 8470975B2 and 91495112B2.

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